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When using the SPEEDCRUISE reservation system, you are NOT booked unless you are delivered a CONFIRMATION number after you complete your purchase information. Within ten minutes, you will ALSO receive a CONFIRMATION SUMMARY to your email address. If BOTH of these things do not occur, please call our Customer Service Department at 800-493-6609.


Entering incorrect past passenger numbers and/or passport numbers can cause your online booking not to be completed. When booking online, it is recommended that you add this information to your record AFTER your reservation is booked so that you do not lose out on the displayed sale fares as quantities are limited.


Cabins that are noted as guarantee or GTY do not have an actual cabin assignment until the CRUISE LINE assigns one. Cabin selection is at the SOLE discretion of the cruise line and they must provide you a cabin in AT LEAST the category purchased or a higher one, according to their own hierarchy of categories. When booking Ocean View, the cabin may have a port hole or picture window and may be partially or fully obstructed. When booking a cabin with a balcony, the cabin may have a sheltered balcony or steel rail (instead of glass) and may be partially or fully obstructed. CruCon does not have any influence over where the cruise line assigns your cabin. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Airfare is not included in any online reservation and can only be booked (if available from the cruise line) by calling our customer service department after you have received your cruise line CONFIRMATION number. We will provide you with any options and/or instructions at that time. In the rare circumstance that your reservation includes cruise line associated airfare, please be advised that the identity of the air carrier, which may include the carrier's code-share partner, will be assigned and disclosed at a later date. For information please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-493-6609.


Payments are processed in US Dollars. CruCon nor the cruise line is responsible for any foreign transaction fees or exchange rates at any time for this reservation should you choose to use a foreign currency credit or debit card. If not required to pay in full at time of booking, the reservation?s FINAL PAYMENT will AUTOMATICALLY be charged to the credit card used for deposit TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE FINAL PAYMENT DATE NOTED ON THE CONFIRMATION SUMMARY unless written notice is received to custserv@crucon.com Fourteen (14) days prior to the final payment date noted on the Confirmation Summary. All credit card payments (deposit, final payment, and/or incremental payments) will be processed by either CruCon or the cruise line directly at CruCon's discretion.


CruCon will charge a $50.00 USD per person cancellation fee, per reservation number booked. Cancellation is considered to be any reservation where the ship and/or sailing date is changed or where the reservation is booked under a different promotion, even if the reservation number stays the same; reservations which are terminated by the cruise line cancelled via CruCon Cruise Outlet or which is otherwise removed from the possession of CruCon Cruise Outlet Cruise Outlet; reservations which are considered ?no shows? or whose occupants are denied boarding at the pier for any reason. This fee is independent of any/all applicable cruise line imposed cancellation penalties, even if no penalties are assessed by the cruise line. Cancellation fee will be automatically charged to the credit card(s) of record. Cancellations made prior to sailing must be made in writing to: custserv@crucon.com


Cruise line cancellations fees differ from cruise line to cruise line and are dependent upon the promotion booked and when the reservation is cancelled. Some reservations will be assessed a cancellation fee at any time after booking (non-refundable deposit) while others will not assess a fee until at or after final payment date officially set by the cruise line. For details, please contact CruCon or consult the cruise line?s website.


CruCon is not responsible for any errors in cruise line itineraries displayed in SPEEDCRUISE as they are controlled by a third party. We recommend that you verify the exact itinerary with our Customer Service Dept. at 800-493-6609.


All CruCon guests are solely responsible for ensuring that they identify and obtain any/all necessary immigration documents required for boarding the ship and for entering all of the countries noted on the itinerary. This should be accomplished by contacting the consulates/and or government agencies of the countries they are visiting and/or certified visa/passport agencies. Documents could include, but are not limited to: Passports, Visas, proof of inoculations (where applicable), family legal documents, etc. Documentation requirements are dependent upon the nationality of the person(s) traveling and the destinations to which that person is visiting and/or has visited in the past. Please be aware that some countries have different requirements for guests arriving by sea vs. air.


CruCon also highly recommends trip insurance. If you wish to purchase trip insurance or if you need any other service on this reservation, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-493-6609.

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